Replacing your standard air filter with an aftermarket upgrade will help improve your cars performance.

K&N Air Filter

Your engine needs nice cold oxygen to produce power and ensure it functions efficiently, producing the most power possible. One of the most common and cost effective ways to modify your car is to replace the factory standard air filter. A simple exchange from the manufacturers standard paper filter to a free flowing performance graded air filter will result in an improvement. Choose from a range of well known brands with the most popular models coming from K&N filters,

K&N Air Filter in situ

Most replacement filters can be easily fitted without the need for any major modifications to the engine bay.

Another modification would be to install a complete induction system. Replacing the original air box normally means a much bigger air filter can be used. In many cases the square/flat type can be replaced by a cone shaped unit, resulting in an increased surface area. Using a cone shaped filter, enclosed within an air box will result in a colder air supply and therefore better performance. Fitting a new cone shaped induction kit without enclosing it will result in a better, more aggressive sound, as the air is sucked in. However, you should remember that the temperature of the ait being used will be higher and therefore performance increases could be compromised.