Looking after both the exterior and interior surfaces does not only keep your vehicle looking good, it is also an investment in its future saleability.

Auto Finess Car Care from TB Customs

What’s the point of making a considerable investment in your vehicle to then neglect it with an inadequate cleaning routine? In the past, a bucket and a sponge with the occassional drop of washing up liquid seemed to be the most widely used method of keeping your car clean. How times have changed! With thousands of products on the market, developed specifically for individual tasks, the care of your car couldn’t be more involved.

Mk1 Golf with Auto Finesse products

A whole industry in car care now exists with some amazing brands such as Auto Finesse offering a specialist range of products. At the age of 17, Tom from TB Customs was sponsored by Auto Finesse. Tom was a regular exhibitor on the VW show scene with his Manila Green Mark 1 Golf. Over the years, Tom has developed a great understanding and knowledge of the Auto Finesse product range and can advise customers on the products available. The considerable range includes decontamination products such as Tar & Glue Remover and cleaning products such as Snow Foam, Citus Power, Rag Top Cleaner. Eradicate, Lather Shampoo and Revolution. In addition, many specialist products are available to help with the cleaning of your engine bay, wheels, glass, and alloy wheels and tyres.