With a comprehensive list of aftermarket modifications, why not consider a brake upgrade package from well known manufacturers such as Brembo?


It’s quite normal for many customers to focus on changing the way their car looks with the addition of alloy wheels, lowered/uprated suspension, spoilers and splitters. In addition, modifying the car’s performance with increased power is at the top of most people’s list, but now more and more people are considering the upgrading of their braking system. After all, making your car faster and making it handle better means you will need improved braking capabilities. One of the most renowned brands on the high perfomance brake market is Brembo. Brembo’s motorsport history is well documented and a brand which is trusted by motorists all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you have a standard VW Golf, Audi A3, Mini Cooper or a Porsche 911, you will find a Brembo brake kit that fits your car.

Replacing your original braking system with a reliable Brembo system, designed specifically for upgrading, can significantly improve your car’s braking performance. In most cases a brake upgrade will not just improve braking, but could also provide longer lasting and more reliable brake pad life. You will also find the new colour scheme of Brembo brakes can visually improve your car, especially alongside a new set of alloy wheels.