Exhaust systems are a popular and cost effective addition to any vehicle when upgrading your car.  Many companies such as Jetex, Scorpion, Mongoose, Cobra and Piper offer a range of full systems as well as sectional replacements or add-on parts.  Many of these companies have decades of experience in producing a product that is not only high quality but also high performance.  A good exhaust will work in perfect harmony, performing consistently with your car.

In most cases, sound reduction is a critical factor with any exhaust.  In all standard systems you will find a baffle, where a series of internal plates slow the exhausts gases as they pass through.  This inevitably creates an unwanted increase in back pressure.  Many exhaust systems such as those made by Jetex (image below) have no baffles.  Instead noise is absorbed through a perforated tube within the silencer.  This means there is a significant increase in the flow with less restrictions and therefore back pressure is reduced.  The benefit to this being torque is increased and engine performance enhanced.

Replacement exhaust systems from TB Customs

When replacing any exhaust system it is also essential to ensure that the gas flow is unrestricted and flows smoothly along the entire length of the exhaust.  It is important therefore that any bends are smooth and in most cases the corners are made from a bent pipe rather than a separate section that has been added/joined.

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